Reach Millions with your Brand

Strong & Reusable AdBags, freely distributed to consumers.

A new level of brand awareness

We are redefining market presence by partnering with retailers to present your ad, brand, or promotion to millions of people every month. 

Consumers love to use our durable AdBags everywhere.

Unlike costly TV & Radio ads, our promotion continues even after the ad program has finished. Consumers reuse our AdBags over many years for everything, from beaches to sports events – even for long-term storage!

Win customers before they enter the store

With the option to feature your coupon with a scannable barcode on the bag, customers will enter the store planning to purchase your product.

Our AdBag Program

Our reusable AdBags are guaranteed to get seen by millions.

Half Bag Ad

$ 9,000
  • 10,000 Bags
  • Design a Side
  • Effectively Matched Partners
  • Barcode Coupon Feature Available

Full Bag Ad

$ 17,000
  • 10,000 Bags
  • Total Bag Customization
  • Marketing Expert Support
  • Barcode Coupon Feature Included

Quarter Bag Ad

$ 5,000
  • 10,000 Bags
  • Share a side
  • Lowest Investment for Millions of Views
  • Barcode Coupon Feature Available

How it Works: We’ve partnered with grocery and liquor stores across New York to promote your brand. We provide high quality reusable AdBags as a primary bag solution for retailers. The retailers receive free AdBags to distribute to their customers, who then are free to reuse them for the life of the bag.

At your option, some bags may also feature a barcoded coupon discounting merchandise.

Made out of 100% recycled materials, every bag is assembled with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each one will meet your standards. We print using eco-friendly inks made out of soy and vegetable products, rather than petroleum-based inks that are harmful to the environment.

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Schedule your call with your marketing expert today. Discuss what you’d like to achieve and learn how we can promote your brand.

Pick Your Plan

Choose which stores you’d like to advertise in. Order samples of your bags and work with our designers to create the perfect promotion.

Build Your Brand

Get access to your bag usage report daily, discount usage and total exposure daily, weekly and monthly.

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