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We’ve partnered with retailers, pet stores, grocery stores, liquor stores and so many more. Together, we’re ready to promote your brand to consumers with reusable AdBags, a cost-effective method to generate demand and increase your visible presence. The best part: our partners can hand out your bag for free. You can get reports and follow how well your promotional dollars are doing.

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Brand Exposure

For a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, you can engage with millions of consumers daily.

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Product Sales

Partner with stores of your choice to promote and discount specific products for sale.

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Desired Audience

Pick where you want your bags to be distributed. Get access to daily and weekly reports showcasing your audience engagement.


Our high quality bags are made of 100% recycled materials.

Our AdBag Program


Made from 100% Recycleable Materials.
High-Quality, Durable and Long Lasting.
Affordable Bulk Pricing.
Shipped Directly to Thousands of Stores.
Eligible for Product Discounts in Store.
Entirely Customizable & Water Resistant.

New York’s Ban On Plastic Bags
& The 5 Cent Paper Bag Fee

Beginning on March 1st 2020, New York will effectively ban plastic bags from being used.

An estimated 23 billion bags are being used per year in New York.

On the same day, NY is launching their Paper Bag Fee which charges 5 cents per paper bag used, incentivizing stores to use reusable bags.

Reusable bags will be seen and used by millions in New York City and all across the state.

Orders for millions of reusable bags are being placed right now.


How to Get Started With Bag Advertising




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Schedule your call with your marketing expert today. Discuss what you’d like to achieve and learn how we can promote your brand all across New York.

Pick Your Plan

Choose which stores you’d like to advertise in. Order your samples of your bags and work with our designers to create the perfect promotion.

Reach Millions

Get access to your bag usage report daily, discount usage and total exposure daily, weekly and monthly.


Committed to Your Success

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