Our Mission

Provide retailers a cost effective, eco-friendly solution for the ban on single use plastic bags.
Promote your brand and clean the environment at the same time.

Our Eco-Friendly Ad Solution

We’ve flipped traditional advertising on its head by pairing up with some of the best stores, retailers and manufacturers in the world.

We have a simple approach: we distribute thousands of high quality, ecofriendly multi-use bags featuring your brand (and optional discount coupons) to consumers. 

Win-Win: help save the earth and promote your brand to millions at the same time.

Our Team, Our Promise

We are an eco-friendly marketing company that specializes in custom bags.

Our primary goals are to increase your sales, promote your brands and replace single-use plastic bags with high quality multi-use reusable bags. 

Our bags are Made from recycled materials. Every bag is assembled with care  ensuring that each one will meet your standards.

Touch and feel our Bags, Help us make a difference.

How to Get Started With Bag Advertising




Call Us

Schedule your call with your marketing expert today. Discuss what you’d like to achieve and learn how we can promote your brand all across New York.

Pick Your Plan

Choose which stores you’d like to advertise in. Order your samples of your bags and work with our designers to create the perfect promotion.

Email Us

Get access to your bag usage report daily, discount usage and total exposure daily, weekly and monthly.

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